How To Restore Deleted Files On Any Device ( Part 2) – Android & IOS


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Unless your files are on a memory card, in which case connect it to your computer and use one of the tools mentioned above, deleting the data on Android is practically impossible without access to the root. This is not hard to do, but it comes with a certain degree of risk (and voids the warranty).

We do not have the space here to delve into a complete guide to root, but Lifehacker has it covered. If you do not want to root your phone, then that’s your choice, but almost all Android data recovery programs require you to route before you can access the fragments of your files.

There are dedicated Android applications that will search for deleted files, such as DiskDigger and Undelete, but it is also possible that you can recover data by connecting your phone to a computer and using one of the desktop applications mentioned above to search for any traces of your deleted files.

There are desktop programs dedicated to recovering files deleted from the phone, but you will have to pay to use them and root your phone first. See Fonepaw Android Data Recovery and EaseUS Android Data Recovery. Again, there is no guarantee that you will recover your files.

Most of the files you have on your phone come from elsewhere (and therefore you should have a backup), with the notable exception of photos and videos. This is an excellent reason to use something like Google Photos to manage your images, especially because there is a built-in recycle bin.


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If you are probably trying to recover photos from the digital tomb when it comes to an iPhone, it is likely that all your other files will be copied elsewhere, either in iTunes or on the web. If you recently made a backup of your phone in iTunes or iCloud, you can recover your photos from there.

Your first order of operation should be to visit the folder of the recently deleted album in the Photos application (or in your iCloud Photo Library), where your images and videos will remain up to 40 days before being permanently deleted. That’s a pretty large window of time for you to evaluate if you really want to delete that image.

As for other types of files, if you have removed something that has not been synchronized from iTunes and is not included in an iOS backup, your options are unfortunately quite limited. While there are desktop programs that you can try, such as Dr. Fone iPhone Data Recovery, you can only access certain types of data.

With access to the fairly restricted iOS file system (remember that most Android recovery tools only work if you root your phone), applications can not perform the same magic tricks as desktop software to recover their files . Unless you know an expert in forensic data analysis, your files are gone forever.

If you have reviewed your backup copies and the iCloud recovery options without success, then all you can do is make sure it does not happen again. Perform regular backups and sign up for an additional cloud service, either Google Photos or Dropbox, so you always have at least one additional copy of all your important files.