Top 3 smartphones on 2018 – What’s your choice?

We only include the best phones in this list, so you can be sure that you always get the latest state-of-the-art device, and we have listed all the phones in order of preference, too, so there is no confusion. The first phone is the best phone.


The first thing that draws attention to the design is, obviously, the 5.8-inch AMOLED screen. It is true that the Edge-to-Edge screen looks absolutely dazzling, both from the point of view of design and from the point of view of technology.

Of course, there is also the higher ‘level’. This interferes slightly on the screen, especially when you want to be completely immersed in something, but call me crazy, I like it. It gives the phone a visual identity.

In addition to the screen, you have the amazingly fast Aion Bionic processor from Apple, fantastic double camera with vertical lighting mode and FaceID (which actually works very well).

It’s the marriage between software and hardware, something that Apple has always been good at, which is so effective here and that is especially the case when it comes to Face ID.


Apple has chosen to stick with a similar design to the iPhone 7, swapping out the all-metal case for a glass back and making it heavier (more premium feeling). There is a glorious new Gold colourway available, and to top it off, the glass casing allows Apple to add wireless charging. The S8 and recent S9 design does make the iPhone 8 feel slightly dated now, however.

It’s inside where the iPhone 8 Plus has received the biggest overhaul – now packing Apple’s blazing fast A11 Bionic processor. The dual camera has also received a significant upgrade, now a better sensor and smart software powering it. To finish it off, the iPhone 8 Plus comes running iOS 11, Apple’s latest and greatest mobile OS.

It is expensive, and it is too large for some, so the standard iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display is also worth your consideration.


The S9 is the complete package, as well as the incredible display and industry-leading specifications, this phone also has a decent battery life, an excellent camera and incredible performance. With all that combined, you get not only the most attractive smartphone, but also one of the most successful smartphones in the universe. Yes, the universe!

We believe that the 5.8-inch S9 is perfect, but if you’re looking for a bigger smartphone, Samsung also offers the Galaxy S9 +, which has a massive 6.2-inch screen.

Agree, unfortunately Samsung has not released a perfect phone, there are some small doubts, it is not the most exciting update on the S8 (which can now be purchased relatively cheaply) and Bixby is still inferior to the Google Assistant. But we guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you buy this phone.

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